Our company was established in 1996 by Mr. Atamay Ellergezen
whom had 40 years of experience before his passing away, playing

important role in setup of Renault Factory (OYAK) as well as sub-
industry factories in automobile sector.

After its establishment, Mayzen has shown continous growth with
high accelaration and became an important factory in the world
specializing mainly in production of shim washers (DIN 988 PS) and
support washers (DIN 988 SS). Mayzen has been exporting %90 of its
production to numerous countries in Europe. Besides standard parts
Mayzen has experience in producing special parts for OEM, Tier 1 and
Tier 2 companies in automotive sector and machine industry.
Mayzen is aiming to reach ‘’HIGH PRECISION QUALITY’’ (as of its
slogan: HIGH PRECISION PRODUCTS) by developing the new press
control and quality control systems, and giving outmost importance
for utilazation of human resources as well as assuring the parts quality
with %100 inspection.
Mayzen is based in Bursa and continues production with eccentric and
hydraulic presses in various capacities, CNC milling machines, CNC
lathe machines, Diskus double sided surface grinding machines. Our
company owns broad range of tooling with manufacturing capability
which can respond to any kind of new tool request.
Mayzen has capacity to reproduce its own high quality material
through its cold forming facility (established at 2015).
Mayzen has been certified with IATF 16.949:2016 certifiicate as of
May, 2018.